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Sofia Antonia Frieda Caers

Through mark-making, digital media and organic matter, I explore my experience of being a Woman – reclaiming the right to embody my most authentic expression; be that wild and free or soft and slow.

With an engaged conceptual reflection on one hand and a process-driven approach on the other, my creative process finds expression within a large range of mediums and forms such as textiles, intuitive drawing, photography and moving image.

The work I create is unified by a strong sense of atmosphere, which is tied to Nature and its omnipresence within my art. I am guided by a longing for Connection & Wilderness, a sense of devotion towards Nature and the intent to stand for what I believe in – my Art becomes a vibrant conversation where, like a spider-web, common themes intertwine with each other.
At the core of my practice resides the desire to go back to the essential: Nature, Connection and Spirit. I believe Nature to be the portal towards this shift.

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behind the scenes of river-flag. February 2022

©Sofia Caers, 2022