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Sofia Antonia Frieda Caers

Sofia Caers is a multidisciplinary artist based in Scotland. Through her years at Glasgow School of Art, her work has become increasingly nature-focused and since graduating in 2022 she’s been living in a yurt-like tent by the woods, deepening her relationship to the Land and developing her art practice through learning crafting techniques and primitive skills.

The work Sofia creates, although very different in form, is unified by a strong sense of atmosphere - her art becomes a vibrant conversation where, like a spider-web, common themes intertwine with each other. Within lies an important spiritual component. 
Feminism and sustainability are also backbones in her practice - activism is a key part of her work that often comes through in a subtle way.

Sofia is interested in bringing critical reflection to the collective narratives we hold while celebrating nature, beauty and poetry.

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behind the scenes of river-flag. February 2022

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